We are sorry to inconvenience any customers but in an effort to manage and keep everybody safe we have to suspend Phone In Orders. This is a temporary change to help get through this time. We thank you for your understanding and look forward to seeing you at the store. We have upgraded access to the store to provide one way flow and ask that you follow the guidance for safe distancing. Stay Safe.

If you’re looking for a product not listed here, please call us to ask about it…most often we can help!
All of our beef is Grade AA or AAA from Alberta.  They are grain fed with no hormones or antibiotics.  Sides and Quarters available on order.

[one-third first]


Top Sirloin


Prime Rib

Rib Eye

New York








Cross Rib

Prime Rib

Baron of Beef

Sirloin Tip

Eye of Round



Other Beef

Lean Ground

Stewing Beef

Short Ribs



Special In House Lasagna.

So delicious and so easy for that special night when you want some Hot Comfort Food without all the work.


Perfect for Parties!

  • SMALL 2-3 people 2.5 lbs $18.00
  • MEDIUM 8-10 people 6 lbs $48.00
  • LARGE 18-22 people 14 lbs $80.00